Dental Chair - Children A8000-II(A)

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Cost: $17,500 excluding engineering costs. Please call DMS for instillation and delivery information.

This cartoon style will attract the children's attention to disregard fear and without tension when being treated. 


Dinosaur chair 1PC
Water and saliva ejection suction system 1set
Fish instrument tray connecting with arm 1set
Built-out assitant tray (fish-shaped) 1set
Built-out cuspidor (smiling apple type) 1set
High speed handpiece hose 2pcs
Low speed handpiece hose 1pc
Flower-shaped operation light 1pc
A pad for cartoons display 1set
Three way syringe 2pcs
Automatic heating water supply 1set
Purified water supply 1set
Big X-film viewer 1set
Multifunctional foot pedal 1pc
Dentist stool 2sets


Extension seat for comfort and different age kids
Central suction system
Air control system (the main tray will be low mounted type)
Dental handpiece (import or made in China)
Built-in or out scaler (import or made in China)
Dental air compressor without oil (20L, 30L, 75L......)
Dental air compressor with air dryer
Six way syringe (Italy import)

Technical parameters :
(1)   Power supply: AC220V,50HZ
(2)   Input power: 1200VA
(3)   Fuse specification: FRI-20  Ф5*20 ,currency:3.0A
(4)   Operation light: AC12V/50VA   
(5)   X-film viewer: AC12V/1VA .
(6)   Water supply thermostat: AC24V/80VA, Maximum temperature :40±5℃.
(7)  Motor: DC24V/150VA              
(8)  External dimension of the therapy apparatus:   Dinosaur chair, length 175cm, width 85cm, height 180cm
(9)  External packing size:   Dinosaur chair, length 165cm, width 105cm, height 105cm
(10)  G/W: 320KG , N/W: 210KG 
layout : 


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